Resources for AIDS and Lent-Updated

Over the past few months I have been travelling around the Diocese preaching about my time in India and the fight against HIV/AIDS (CNI-HIV/AIDS Programme) . In my spare time (HA!) I have been trying to find resources that parishes can use to promote awareness for the Partnership for Life: A Generation without AIDS.

I would commend the many worship resources available on the PWRDF website (click on Partnership above). In particular, Jeanette Romkema PWRDF HIV/AIDS Education and Animation Coordinator has compiled a beautiful collection of prayers, litanies, confessions and affirmations. Along with that, I have found a Stations of the Cross (post below), courtesy of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. I have adapted it somewhat to reflect a more global focus.

When looking for resources, I would recommend those that have a focus on more than one of the following:

  • AIDS in the Americas
  • The spread of AIDS in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Caring for Africa
  • Women
  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Orphans
  • Distribution of medications
  • Proactive awareness campaigns

Each of these can be overwhelming, but AIDS is overwhelming.

I will try to update this post over the weeks ahead with further resources to help your parish include the struggle against HIV/AIDS in your liturgies.



2 thoughts on “Resources for AIDS and Lent-Updated

  1. Hello:

    Thanks for posting those four AIDS related stations. Even though the Easter Season is not over, I am planning for Lent 2012. Each Lenten Season, we do Stations of the Cross from various perspective. Your AIDS related stations is one of the better ones out there. I would appreciate a clean copy of the entire journey for use at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church next year. My e-mail is The church number is 734-728-0790 and I can be reached by cell phone at 614-439-9931.

    Thank you.

    Fr. Ellis Clifton

  2. theflagsofdawn

    Hello Ellis, thanks for finding me.

    These prayers are actually from the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. They do amazing work and continue to work on a Generation without AIDS. You can find more of their resources at


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