Stations of the Cross For a World Living with AIDS

PLEASE don’t cut and paste what is below. I’m sure it will cause you more trouble than it is worth! I have only posted Stations 1, 2, 14 and 15. If you would like to use it, please email me and I will send you a clean copy.

I have attended two liturgies of the Stations of the Cross in a Roman Catholic setting. Both were beautiful, profound, heartbreaking and completely transformed my Easter experience. However, not everyone is up for the entire journey in one go. Some parishes will perform 3 stations each Sunday of Lent ending the Sunday before Palm Sunday.

If you do not have stations posted on the wall, you can be creative. A red ribbon with a number under it for each station would be a powerful visual, for example. Lit candles on window sills also works.



Opening Prayer

Gracious God, we live in a world affected by HIV/AIDS. Its victims are our co-workers, our friends, our family members, our neighbours, our students, our classmates, our church members. Its face is both anonymous and very familiar. It is as close as our neighbourhood and as far away as the other side of the world. We gather now to pray for all those whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS. Be with us as we pray for them and for ourselves.


Jesus is Condemned to Death Deciding to Be Tested for HIV/AIDS

Leader: Lord, be with us.

All: And come with peace to save your people.

Leader: Every day many people struggle with the decision to be tested for AIDS. Should I? Shouldnt

I? Would it be better to know? Will I need to leave my family if the test is positive? Can I ignore the possibility that I have HIV/AIDS and just go on living? And these people who struggle…they are just like you and me…just like our sons and daughters, just like our friends…and yes, just like our parents and grandparents. So many times it is fear that keeps them from reaching out for help. And for some, it is ignorance…they cant believe that they might be carrying the disease and might even be passing it to others. The absence of symptoms gives them a false security.

Lord, look on us with love.

All: Be near, hear our prayer.

Lord, help all those who are afraid to be tested for HIV/AIDS. Calm their fears and give them the courage they need. Bless those who do the testing with compassion and gentleness so that they may mirror your love to all they serve.


Jesus takes up his cross: Accepting the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS

Leader: Lord, be with us.

All: And come with peace to save your people.

Leader: Each person who has HIV/AIDS has his or her own individual story, but people all over the world are united by this tragic illness and by the struggle to accept what it means for life and for death. The question, “Why me, and not some other?” strikes deep in the heart. The struggle may include anger at others, anger at life, anger at self, anger even at God, and the peace of acceptance seems unreachable.

Lord, look on us with love.

All: Be near, hear our prayer.

Lord, the journey of life for someone who has HIV/AIDS may be long, difficult, and painful. As Jesus was given courage and strength for his painful journey, give to those affected by HIV/AIDS courage and strength to make their journey through life. Let us remember that though heavily burdened we can come to you to be unburdened through your grace, and that through your journey we have the opportunity for eternal life.

Station XIV

Jesusbody is placed in the tomb:Leaving friends behind

Leader: Lord, be with us.

All: And come with peace to save your people.

Leader: After Daniel’s death family and friends struggled to come to terms with the loss, with letting go of him, and with the fact that physical death, rather than a miracle of new physical life, resulted. There was an empty space for caregivers who ran errands for him, kept watch with him, managed his medications, and handled his remaining daily affairs. No matter how strong their faith, there was a sense of loss and grief, an empty hole where care and comfort-giving have been. Even today the search for a personal meaning of the loss continues, and there is a great need to find spiritual comfort.. For many, there is a need to experience comfort with others who understand and who have shared similar losses. New bonds of friendship and family are being forged through these painful times.

Lord, look on us with love.

All: Be near, hear our prayer.

Lord, you tell us you are always with us. We know that in our minds. Help all of us to feel it in our hearts. We offer you our grief and pain; we know that others are suffering deeply, too, and we offer you their grief and pain. We know that your love will surely provide the healing comfort that we seek.

Station XV

The Resurrection: Beginning New Life

Leader: Lord, be with us.

All: And come with peace to save your people.

Leader: The joy of eternal life awaits all who have died. The blessing of this belief offers hope, reassurance, and peace to those who remain, to encourage them to see in this death a resurrection. Even where the idea of eternal life is doubted, all can be helped to open themselves to new ideas, new life, and new beginnings, a resurrection of its own kind, smiled upon by a gentle God who knows our hearts and our needs in death and in life.

Lord, look on us with love.

All: Be near, hear our prayer.

Lord, please forgive our fragile faith. Help us to recognize in your resurrection the wonderful gift that is right here before usours to accept your eternal grace and love. We pray for all our loved ones who are now with you, and we await with joy your promised reward.


One thought on “Stations of the Cross For a World Living with AIDS

  1. I remember several years ago, we did a liturgy much like this one for AIDS and stations of the cross. As I read your excerpt I believe this was the liturgy we used. Do you have the complete liturgy? I believe I may have lost it on a flash drive that may have gone bad. I didn’t see an e-mail for you, thus my comment. One good thing that came out of this search, was finding you, I love your writing.

    Thanks, Ren
    Rev Renwick Bell, Sunshine Cathedral MCC

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