Drum roll please….I am off to….

I have a parish!

I am taking a summer placement for the time being, about which I am very pleased. Going to India, as life changing and incredible as that was, did not offer me very much parish experience. This gives me several weeks to spend with a supervisor to work on a few learning goals to better prepare me for parish life.

So, starting yesterday (I found out yesterday), I am now working in the Parish of Fall River with the Rev. Marian Conrad. I am very pleased and VERY excited!! This afternoon I go out to get oriented, and tonight is my first parish council meeting. I have never been so excited to attend a parish council meeting!

While I am in Fall River, arrangements are underway to find a permanent appointment for me. There are a few options, all of which I am very happy with. Stay tuned.

I am kind of homeless at the moment. My friend Sandra has very generously offered me her brand new house until she is able to move in. I actually get to live in it before she does. I hope to have more permanent arrangements soon. I do not have daily access to the internet, so the best way to contact me is through my cell phone. I will try to check email every couple of days.


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