A note from our ordinand

One of my responsibilities in St. Thomas and St. Margaret’s is to put a note in the bulletin with some thoughts on my week and to introduce the readings. I would like to share this with you all. When I get my own computer set up I will post my past notes. Dawn

May 28

“Do you believe that you are truly called by God and his Church to the life and work of a deacon?”
“I believe I am so called.”
The Examination, Ordination of a Deacon BAS p. 655

As the time for my ordination is approaching, life is getting very hectic and exciting. My older brother, who arrives on Sunday from England to present me to the Bishop, tells me he is proud to “give his little sister away”. We don’t really use that language any more, but it is a huge transition. On Friday I spent the day with my classmates for a quiet day with the Rev. Charles Bull at Seton Centre in Terrance Bay. This was a time of contemplation on our calling to the life of ordained clergy.

I give thanks for the ordination of 5 of my classmates into the United Church of Canada, taking place today at the meeting of Maritime Conference in Sackville, NB: Helene Burns, Gloria Churchill, Joan Griffin, Joan MacDonald and Debra Baker-White.

This week I worked on the parochial return. Many thanks to Helen and Gail for taking the time with me to work on this important item in our parish life. It is a blessing to work with such dedicated lay people. I visited three of our parishioners and spent Tuesday evening to do some visioning for outreach in the fall.

You are most welcome and warmly invited to my ordination on Wednesday night at the Cathedral Church of All Saints at 7:30. Blessings, Dawn

Introduction to the Readings

This gospel reading is all about security, a big issue in our society now. Walter Brueggemann talks about how our society is consumed by anxiety, how perhaps we ought to have a prayer of anxiety instead of a prayer of confession, and respond with an assurance of…what? protection? comfort? hope?

In the gospel reading, Jesus talks about guarding, protecting the disciples in the difficult time to come. This is very much our world about which he is talking, a world in which Jesus is no longer a physical presence and the cultural environment is dominated by the powers and principalities. He speaks about his disciples being guarded in this new world by their unity (verse 11), by Jesus’ joy (verse 13), by being sanctified in the truth (verse 17), and by Jesus’ example and leadership (verse 19). Psalm 1 may give some idea about what being “sanctified in the Word” involves! Jesus also commissions the disciples: we are sent as he was sent, into the world. How different is our security, and our calling, from the cultural norm!

In verse 23, it is our unity in particular which not only protects us, but is our principal asset in mission. Gathering: Lent/Easter/Pentecost 2006, United Church of Canada


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