Day 3 as a Deacon

Most difficult question I have been asked: Do you feel different? I really don’t know. I am still so excited and slightly terrified that it is hard for me to know what is the same and what is different. I’ve worn my collar for various occasions every day since my ordination. I have decided that, until I am used to it, I will wear it. When I pop it in, I still feel like I am playing dress up, and that I am going to get caught by a real cleric, and then I’ll be in BIG TROUBLE!

I guess the difference is the subtle difference in how others treat me. I wore my shirt tonight to St. George’s Hot Meals, and it opened some very interesting conversations. I was on the door and had some wonderful conversations with those who came in out of the rain. I wonder if the way people react to the collar depends on the vibes sent out by the person wearing it. I think to see someone in a collar warmly welcome you in out of the rain is a small way to shed the baggage it often carries for people.

The ordination itself was glorious. Many thanks to everyone who made it such a perfect event for all of us. The Rev. Francis Drolet-Smith preached a wonderful sermon focussing on the stories of Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah, placing us into that story, and challenging us each to share our own song with the Church. It was a special joy for me to have my loved ones, none of whom are Anglican, all have a part in my service.

A real surprise and delight was being presented with the Bible presented to my great-grandfather, the Rev. Thomas West by Bishop Frederick Courtney in 1897 when he was ordained.

Where am I going? That, actually, is probably the question I get asked most. All I can say is I am very happy working in Fall River and Oakfield during this interim time, and I am very excited and looking forward to what the bishop has in store for me next. Blessings,


One thought on “Day 3 as a Deacon

  1. Grandy

    Congratulations Dawn,
    I know Cordelia will miss you but I also know, she is inspired by you no matter where you are. Blessings on your journey. xo Annis

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