I am happy to announce

Beginning July 1, I will be the Incumbent of the Parish of Antigonish and Bayfield with Country Harbour.

It is a three point charge and includes a part-time chaplaincy position at St. Francis Xavier University. I have a HUGE rectory, so I am happy to “store” any furniture you have no space for! I am absolutely ecstatic! Mom is happy that I am only an hour off the ferry, and I am happy that I am a reasonable driving distance from Moncton.

Yesterday I took Fred up to see the rectory and Bayfield church. It is a beautiful area and I am looking forward to spending the summer there.



5 thoughts on “I am happy to announce

  1. Sue


    I am excited to hear of your appointment. My father’s family comes from that end of the province — Port Felix/Charlos Cove/Larry’s River. It is a beautiful drive along the coast towards Canso from where you are. I recommend it for a day away. There is even a bed and breakfast in Charlos Cove (an otherwise tiny village). Having the university chaplaincy added will be interesting and enriching if my experience at AST is telling of that work. It was a blessed time for me, and I hope it will be for you as well.

  2. Joan Griffin

    Hi Dawn,
    I am very happy that your appointment is a good location for you and your family. It is wonderful to have family so close. My brother lived in Antigonish years ago, it is a beautiful place, I have always enjoyed that little town. I have often stopped there for coffee or lunch on my way to Cape Breton. I am sure you will enjoy your time there very much.

  3. Natasha

    Congratulations Dawn! I’ll be passing through Antigonish this July around the 8th on my way to a vacation in Cape Breton with my parents, maybe I’ll stop by and say hi. It’s a great location, not too far from Halifax or from PEI. I’m sure you’ll be a blessing to the people there.


  4. Anonymous

    YAY Dawn!!!! That’s great news : ) What a relief to be able to announce your exciting news huh? All the best.



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