Everybody meet Rannie

Hi everybody,

I am smarter than my human thinks. I can hack into Dawn’s blog! I have been in Antigonish since Tuesday and I am doing a great job of training Dawn. I was sad to leave my rescuer Zonda and my brother Rollie at Celtic Pets in Port Hawksbury, but I am beginning to find things I enjoy.

I LOVE going for walks around the neighbourhood and even found a little cocker spaniel friend named Lola. Woof!! I’m really not so fond of getting in the car. I gave Dawn a great run at the Motherhouse last night when she tried to get me back in. I live up to my name. Through the hayfields and ditches. Neither of us were too happy when we got home. But now we are good and I like to keep her company in her study.

Speaking of, she really needs to get back in here and write her sermons!

I’m looking forward to meeting you. I love people. I would like to come to PEI with Dawn next week, but I’m not so sure about that car ride. As Dawn says, we’ll have to see.

love, Rannie


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