Hi everyone,

Sorry, it has been a while. We are now, finally, in a deep freeze here in Antigonish. I know we all love warmth and sunshine, but I need winter. I need winter to appreciate the summer. And when I don’t get a proper winter north of 42, I wonder how anyone can doubt climate change.

Part of the reason I haven’t been adding much here is because there has been little that I could or would add. Obviously, a lot of my work is confidential and most of what I can share is on my church’s blog ( You can find my sermons and other happenings there. Other than that, the big challenge has been settling into a routine with dog, partner, family, parish and new town.

And what routine? Well, it is starting to form. I have joined the St. FX chorale and we had our concert on December 5. I am really enjoying being part of an accomplished choir again. I love the challenge of reading music by ear. Our next concert is in April with some beautiful music from the black gospel and celtic traditions with the theme of peace. The best part of chorale singing is knowing that no matter how much you screw up or your voice just stops at the final high G of the final movement of John Rutter’s Gloria (yep, it happened, kinda like getting within 2 ft. of the top of a climb, kinda anti-climactic), you are still part of making a beautiful sound.

I am also blessed to be in a town with an active L’Arche community (thanks Corrinne!). If you have never been to a L’Arche community, I would highly recommend visiting one or at least reading the writings of Jean Vanier about community (speaking of, I found that book you gave me for my ordination the other day, Corrinne. I will look at it next. Promise.) I had a great meatloaf dinner with my friends at Covenant House and got my pants beat off at Skip-Bo by Margie!

The ordination was glorious and I love priestly ministry. The hard stuff is really hard and the good stuff is really great. Being able to offer the eucharist to people from so many walks of life makes any frustrations from the week all better.

That’s enough for now. I think of you all often. Next time you are on your way to Cape Breton stop in for a pee break. D+


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