A return to a new blog

Lately I have had a longing to return to writing. That may be a strange thing to say from someone who writes a 700-900 word essay for each Sunday. I used to do a lot of journalistic writing and, occasionally, even some poetry.

I have never taken to writing in a journal. Once in high school, when I journalled voraciously, my journal got lifted from the teacher’s desk and shared around school. I never really got over it. My deepest darkest thoughts are processed now through meditation or dialogue with one of a few, trusted anam cara (you know who you are), but I love to work out ideas through writing.

A hugely public blog is a little scary, so while this is not password protected, I am sharing this blog with trusted friends and family who are welcome to add me to  your RSS feeds etc. I would appreciate it if you asked my permission before sending anything I write on to any email lists etc. I have not fed this address to search engines, for example. I realize this is public and I am open to this gradually finding a few followers. The idea of this getting too much attention too fast is a little scary for me.

I am not going to guarantee regular updates and I will check as often as I can for comments and so on. I would love your feedback on anything I write, critical or praiseworthy.

This is also a new program for me and I am just learning my way around. There are lots of fun things I can do with it but figuring it out will take some time.


What think ye?

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