And the announcement is…

…I have accepted a new appointment! Beginning July 12, I will be the Associate Priest/Youth and Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator at Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora, ON.

(Please, check out the homepage. I’m on there)

There are so many big changes in this appointment; rector to associate, parish ministry to youth ministry, rural/small town to suburbia/big city. They are big changes, but not so scary. A lot of this move is very familiar. We are moving to an area where we have family and friends, and I get to return to full time to youth ministry.

I know many people are imagining different reasons why I am moving on. The real story is that I did not go looking for a new appointment. I have been very happy in Three Harbours. As our annual meetings came to an end I had a strong sense that a new beginning was around the corner, that the parish was ready to begin working towards a new vision. We had begun a visioning process at our annual meeting. I was ready to start imagining the next 5 years with everyone.

Then the Spirit started to move. Trinity’s posting came across my desk from a few places, including two who sent it to me specifically. I kept saying, “No. The time isn’t right.” “I am not ready to move on.” “I don’t want to move so far away from Mom.”

One night, after I had returned from a conference in London, ON, Marc turned to me and asked, “Did you apply for that job in Toronto?”

“Nah,” I replied, “I figured we were good here.”

“I think you should apply,” he declared. “You would be good at it.”

As I do when opportunities arise, I prayed through it one thing at a time. I felt the only faithful response to the Spirit was to apply, knowing there is much to learn and gain from an application process, even if it doesn’t end in a new relationship. In other words, I applied as a way to seek, not to gain.

And then it went…really fast. I was interviewing via Skype, then a trip for Marc and I to Aurora the weekend of Palm Sunday. We were blessed with wonderful hospitality and we fell in love with the place. I heard I was successful on Holy Tuesday, rejoiced, and then fell in love with Nova Scotia all over again. I cried at all my Holy Week and Easter services.

So, my sense that a time was coming for a new beginning was right, but it was my new beginning.


I notified the parish on Sunday, April 18. My last Sunday worship will be on Sunday, June 27.

We will be moving our things out of the rectory to Aurora in mid to late June. Then we have two weeks to spend time in Moncton and PEI, say farewell to family, and move ourselves to Toronto.

In the meantime, we will be busy packing and we desperately want to see our friends. It would be easier for folks to come and see us, but we will also be making a few trips to Halifax to see friends there.

Your prayers are appreciated.


4 thoughts on “And the announcement is…

  1. Douglas Fenton

    Glad to know the Spirit spoke loudly through Marc and you were poised to hear. You will do amazing work in Trinity, Aurora and whereever you go. God’s grace and peace be yours.

  2. Mary Rigby

    Message received. Best wishes and warm thoughts from this household come to you both.

    Dawn, it was an honour to work with you last summer, and
    special privilege to stay in the rectory overnight both times I was in Antigonish.

    Mary Rigby

  3. Hi Dawn,

    All the best in your new position…. I love your sense of adventure! From your FB posts it sounds like you’re adjusting nicely. A gain for Aurora, a loss for Antigonish….. ahhhh but life goes on! Thanks for supporting the skateboarding association.


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