Meal planning fail

My lenten discipline this year was an absolute fail. In fact, it totally backfired.

When we got married and I was struggling to find and reorient routine, I started getting really good at planning our meals. When it was just me, I would plan daily, with daily trips to the grocery store. But that was mostly really bad planning. At least three times a week I was eating one meal a day, having supper at 9pm and many other bad habits. Now with an other in the house with whom I LOVE to share meals, square meals have become a blessing.

This winter was a horrible one for me workwise, and so meal planning went out the window. Lots of evenings out, grabbing prepared meals at the grocery store or fast food, it’s been pretty bad. So, I tried meal planning as my Lenten discipline. I don’t think I have ever failed so miserably at a Lenten discipline. My good cousin was very encouraging and told me that, perhaps, there is good learning in failing at a Lenten discipline, that failing at self-control teaches me that I am not in control.

So, this week, I am trying again. When I tried to get back into my meal planning, I came up with a complete blank. Nothing looked interesting, or easy. My cupboards and fridge are full of food that needs produce in order to eat it.

Today, as I was looking at my cookbooks I remembered Sticky Lemon Chicken from Gordon Ramsey. It excited me more than the dish really warrants, but my hope is now that I have settled on one meal, the rest will surely follow.

I also accidentally took home my friend’s copy of the Moosewood Cookbook. I SWEAR it was an ACCIDENT!! I have it for one week, so the experimenting can begin!


What think ye?

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