#GS2010 Day One: Pruning the Vine

We are here and settled and ready to start our first full day of deliberations. We began with a marvelous service last night at the Cathedral Church of All Saints, my home in many ways. These are the sails that led us through the service, held by some of our fabulous volunteers:

Our preacher, the Rt. Rev. Miguel Tamayo-Zaldivar, spoke of the difficult but fruitful task of pruning the vine. Where my mind went straight to, “Yeah, some people think I am the dead branch”, he led me to recognize those branches of my life and our communal life  that need to be cut, “Racism, sexism, classism…”

Today we meet our Galley Groups, discussion and Bible Study groups composed of people from all across the country. I am making a few commitments this week:

To be on time: At these things I always shirk the morning bible studies and worship. I’m going to try not doing that.

To worship: We have worship three or four times a day. I am going to make attending worship a top priority.

To be a good host to my galley group: When it is tempting to take off in the evening and hang out with friends, I will remember my role as a Nova Scotia/PEI host and invite them along.

To get sleep: and not feel pressured to stay up til all hours

To pray: carrying my prayer beads with me, when I am getting frustrated, rather than throwing up my hands, putting them in my pocket, rubbing my smooth olive wood beads, and pray.


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