#GS2010 Day 4: Let the conversation begin

This morning, before we departed for the diocesan celebration, we began the process of “Sexuality Discernment”. We heard from the Primate’s Theological Commission, Faith Worship and Ministry, and the Primate. These groups and many others have spent the past triennium and then some trying to answer some fundamental questions our church has posed in regards to same-sex blessings.

There was nothing, I don’t think, that was supposed to be surprising. It was a way for us to frame our conversations in the context of what our church has already discerned.

It was obvious to me, from all the presentations, that these people have worked with great integrity, prayer, commitment and faithfulness. They were courageous enough to suspend their convictions and listen to one another for the good of the Church…for us. When they finished, I felt incredibly incredibly grateful. I could see they were tired, but also grateful for the growth they had experienced. I was grateful that they agreed to do this for us, for me. The National Church asked them to take on this huge task. They could have said no, this is too much. They did, in some instances, change the terms of reference, but they carried out the task faithfully.

From here, we will join with discussion groups of 15-20 to begin the conversation on Monday morning.


What think ye?

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