Hitting the road, going west

Today is my last day before I hit the road with Mom and Rannie to move to my new abode in Aurora, ON.

It’s been a great few days and I have seen so many old friends, including a lovely afternoon with all my aunties.

Mom and I are in front, then, in the back, left to right are Aunt Shirley, Aunt Marion and Aunt Tappy (Mom’s sisters), Aunt Liz and Aunt Roma (Dad’s sisters).

I also went to Souris’s Village Feast, an amazing afternoon of neighbours, music and, of course, FOOD!! I’ll post those pictures in a few days from my new internet connection in Aurora, ON!

So, time to pack up the suitcases and find the odds and ends I have strewn around Mom’s house in the last few days.

Prayers for travel are greatly appreciated.


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