Tomorrow is my first day of work

Tonight the questions are running through my head:
-Do I walk or drive to work tomorrow?
-What do I bring?
-What do I do first? Do I dive in head first or wait?
-Who do I connect with first?
And, most importantly:
-What do I wear???

I am excited. I am dreading those first few hours I have experienced in other workplaces where you sit around because they haven’t figured out what to do with you yet.

But I am excited. My new house is amazing and I am excited about coming home at a decent, predictable hour. It is an exciting place of ministry and it will be fun to jump into an already flowing stream. I will likely spend some time writing down some priorities and some questions.

I am very grateful to my old parish for their gift of over $400 to build up my youth ministry library. I have already ordered enough to spend half of it, so reading is going to be a big part of my summer work, I think.

And a sign of blessing, I think. Some faithful folk have been cleaning up after me in my old parish office and they found my leather bound BAS an a stole that I have been missing for over a year. I can’t wait to see those in the mail.

The night heralds the dawn.
Let us look expectantly to a new day, new joys and new possibilities.
In your name we pray. Amen.


What think ye?

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