Fall Fashion in Toronto

I had a fabulous day in Toronto which began with an enlightening and powerful celebration of Eid ul-fitur at the Noor Cultural Centre. This post is the least of my day, but noteworthy nonetheless.

I know the rules about fall fashion, particularly about wearing white after Labour Day. In fact, this great post from Beauty Tips for Ministers gently reminded me it is time to put away my summer dresses.

Where I come from, our fashions are dictated by the weather, not dates. While much of the Christian world is wearing pastels to Easter services, we are still in our woolies and boots because it is still snowing. So, if it is still 25C after Labour Day, I’m wearin’ my sleeveless tanks and skirts.

Well, not in the T-dot. In this fashionably conscious city today, I saw women in 21C wearing tights, boots, wool and leather.

The good news is, I get to pull out the black boots that I love and only found in the move after two years and have been DYING to wear. Sad news is, farewell to sandals and open toe shoes. Sigh.


What think ye?

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