Calling – my interview with Phil Shepherd

So, several months ago, I got on Twitter and fell into a wonderful community of emergent and progressive Christians who are holding tightly to one another to share the Light with those who are seeking. I have learned so much from these folks, and they have given me courage to live the Gospel as well as I can more boldly than ever.

One of these folks is Phil Shepherd, or the Whiskey Preacher, and pastor of (get this name!) the Eucatastrophe. This afternoon Phil interviewed me for his Whiskey Preacher podcast’s Sophia Series. It was a real pleasure and I hope you enjoy it.

Whiskey Preacher Sophia Series 8: Dawn Leger

I was anxious to listen to it in that same way I read what I write over and over again in an obsessive kind of way. Part of it is being overly critical of my words, but I’m sure there is a self-indulgence in there, too. I’ve been asking Phil for a couple of weeks, “Why do you want to talk to me?” and his response was, “I want to hear your story. You have a great story and I want to hear it.”

I didn’t really value my story as much as Phil did, until I listened to it tonight. While I was talking the story just rolled off my tongue, and I had a lot of fun. But listening to it hit me in a profound way. The grief of leaving my home and the joy of a new adventure and building something new all hit me in a fresh and beautiful way. I am also seeing the hand of God again in our lives, and I am more grateful still.

I would really love to read your thoughts that let me explore my story in a new way with friends, old and new.


What think ye?

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