Do you write your own youth and kids programs?

I am into two months of writing a program for our kids and youth groups to parallel our preaching series, Shedding Some Light. I’m borrowing (with credit) from a few sources, but mostly sitting at my desk contemplating my computer screen.

Do you regularly write your own program? Would you be interested in exchanging some ideas, having a sounding board, being a sounding board, and collaborating a bit? I would love to hear from you. You can email me at dawnleger at gmail dot com or leave a comment below.

My prayerful-creative-curriculum-writing posture



3 thoughts on “Do you write your own youth and kids programs?

  1. Heather

    I’ve never used a prepackaged confirmation program. I’ve just never found one that does what I want them to do; and what I want them to do keeps changing, so that’s not terribly surprising! So I pick and choose for about half a dozen trusted resources, and make it up, and it seems to work… But year, if you wanna share…

  2. Charlotte

    I realize you posted this awhile ago…

    I write them for both and I would love to brainstorm/share/cry/tear my hair out with you.

    I just found your blog, through Peacebang’s post on Skype. I am a long-time PB fan, lay Christian Formation director. I currently serve at a slightly disfunctional, very small parish. I moved last year from an overseas multi-denominational chapel where I was the Dir of Religious Ed.

    I am better at fb now than I am at email, but please, email away:
    c (dot) hand (dot) greeson (at) gmail

    and my sometimes blog which I am really trying to get better at

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