Cooking with the Joy Project

Before I get into this post, I am going to ask you to read it, and then consider passing the word along. I don’t ask you to do that lightly. I don’t write for promotion or to advance myself. Primarily, I write to express myself in a place where no topic is irrelevant. Second, I write to keep in touch with friends. Finally, when my blog does get around, thanks to those who have found their way here, I always feel great delight.

I am asking you to pass this on because I think this could be a really exciting movement. Pass this on because it isn’t about me, but about a joy-filled young woman who inspires me every day. Thanks. 

I love to cook. A close second to my love of cooking is cooking with other people. I am not much of a teacher, but with a bit of experience (and my big brother chef on the other end of a cell phone) I’ve picked up a thing or two and I love to pass it along.

I’ve known Cydney for about 6 years now. She is  on the youth council of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and a blogger at Lutheran’s Connect. Cydney and I started sharing our cooking when I took her home to PEI for a long weekend. She was a student, living in student housing, and she asked me to teach her how to cook something. I picked Mom’s “Texas Hash”. It’s yummy, simple and cheap: Ground beef, can of tomatoes, green peppers, rice, s&p.

About 6 weeks later we were chatting and she said, “Can you teach me to cook something else?” Of course, I replied. What have you been cooking lately? She’d been cooking Texas Hash for 6 weeks!

Most recently, Cydney shared some scary news with me. She was a 20 year old woman with boundless energy, joy and faith, and she had been diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated. The thought of Cydney’s light dimming, even a little bit, made my world a lot darker. And yet, as we waited for tests to come back, she was full of hope and carried us all. As her journey began, raging extrovert that she is, she began a blog and The Joy Project.

Cydney sucking the marrow out of...ummm...something, on a beach in Greece.

Cydney decided to start a cooking project to help her appreciate food in a way that was difficult since her chemotherapy made her sick. She started by looking for a cookbook, which she found, and she would work her way through it, cooking for herself, her beloved, her family and her friends.

After the first post I was completely hooked and I desperately wanted to be with her in her kitchen. So, I asked her if I could accompany her on the Joy Project to which she very generously agreed. I bought the book yesterday.

So Cydney and I are cooking together, again, four provinces apart. I just tried the shrimp risotto with leeks and snow peas and–doh–forgot the lemon juice! Still it was yummy. I hope this is a gift to Cydney. I know it is a gift to me. I get to do something tactile that connects me with my awesome, brave friend even though I can’t be with her to hold her hand (or have her hold mine). Cooking has always been a practice of prayer and gratitude for me. Now I get to share it.

Please go check out Cydney’s blog, look inside my labyrinth heart as well as her posts on Lutherans Connect. Pass this on to your followers or your friends. Cook along with us if you like. Here is the book Cydney has chosen. This is totally Cydney’s project, not mine. I’m just along for the ride. If you want to know how I am getting along, come find me in the labyrinth heart comments.

Where to find Cydney:

Blog: Look Inside my Labyrinth Heart

Lutherans Connect: Doctor Proctor

Twitter: tugmyjersey

The cookbook: Inside the Small Kitchen by Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine


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