they were wiped off the earth

God wiped away every living thing that was on the fertile land—from human beings to livestock to crawling things to birds in the sky. They were wiped off the earth. Only Noah and those with him in the ark were left. (Genesis 7:23 CEB)

Why oh why is this such a popular theme for baby quilts!

If I stick with the rule, “the Gospel is not about you it is about God”*, what is this story telling me of Creator? The fierce and powerful anger that destroyed the earth is frightening.

All anger is rooted in hurt. How much Creator must have grieved at watching humans fight with each other, abusing everything around them. What a colossal failure. And so, Creator’s reaction is to destroy it all and start from fresh.

Now, here’s the spoiler. When all of this is done, Creator repents and promises never again to cause such destruction.

Destruction appears to be the easiest route. Blow the whole thing up and start fresh. Destruction is not the same as death. Death is a natural course. Destruction is a deliberate act to bring death before it is time.

Is there something in my life that has reached it’s time to die? Or am I forcing it to destruction? How am I grieving? Am I so impatient to reach the new creation that I am destroying things along the way?

Day 3: Genesis 6:5-22

*Nod of appreciation to the Rev. Canon Bill Cliff, Chaplain at Huron College, Canada

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