therefore it is named babble

Come, let’s go down and mix up their language there so they won’t understand each other’s language. (Genesis 11:7 CEB)

Would it be ok if I forever call this place Babble? It just seems to make sense. Is this where the word babble comes from, I wonder?

So, unless you come from the school of Christians trying to scientifically prove that every myth in the Old Testament actually happened exactly how it is written, I think we can agree that this is not really how language evolved. Language evolved in different lands, among different peoples.

I wonder how the writer of this myth reacted when she or he first heard a different language. Surprise? Thinking they were demons?

It is certainly easier when everyone speaks the same language, when everyone comes from the same background, the same values, the same religion, the same age. Things get done faster when we are all on the same page, sharing a vision. If life is about getting things done, then let’s stick to what we have in common.

But is life about getting things done? Life isn’t about building towers. We live when we grow, not necessarily when we build. We grow when we encounter new experiences, new people, learning new languages and ways of doing and being.

Day 5: Genesis 11:1-9

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