the scent of my son

“See, the scent of my son
is like the scent of the field
that the LORD has blessed. (Genesis 27:27 CEB)

I don’t know if it angers me or comforts me that our faith is descended from the likes of Rebekah and Jacob. Again, more uncertain times, more chasing after security. Rebekah wants the blessing to belong to her favourite son, her Jacob. Jacob will be the one to take care of her.

When I am in dire need of God’s forgiveness and grace, I look to Jacob. Jacob may or may not have known happiness, but as we read through the story of this long family we know that he was blessed.

What irony. Jacob receives the first blessing and then is banished and Esau remains with his parents. Rebekah’s favourite is given the security she needs and then he must disappear.

I wonder if these blessings of Isaac end up being empty words. Does the proper son receive the right blessing after all? Is blessing about land and servants and power? Or is it about something else?

Day 9: Genesis 27:1-28:22

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