if i’m left childless then i’m left childless

But me, if I’m left childless, then I’m left childless.” (Genesis 43:14 CEB)

The first verse that caught me this morning was Reuben (Judah) saying to his father, “If you hadn’t waited we would have been there and back twice by now!” Our fear paralyses us and keeps us from moving forward. It can keep others in painful stasis, building mistrust and more fear.

But I was hard on Jacob in my last post, so decided to focus on this verse instead. Acceptance. Jacob has done the risk analysis. At first, better the 9 sons he has than the 11 he may or may not get back. When we are in control, this is the most reasonable decision. However, this is not a business decision. This is family. It is also in the hands of God. God has spoken to Jacob through his sons. Trust them, Jacob. Trust me.

When we are most afraid, perhaps those are the most critical moments to raise our hands and trust in what God is creating. Perhaps I may be too afraid to do something, but others are not. Do I hold them back, or accept that, whatever happens, God has not abandoned us and will begin to create something new?

Day 12: Genesis 43-44

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