they grew dramatically

 But the Israelites were fertile and became populous. They multiplied and grew dramatically, filling the whole land. (Exodus 1:7 CEB)

God gave the Israelites simple commands. A critical one was to grow and build a nation. By their sheer numbers, they became a threat.

I live in a country where I was once the majority. Anglo-saxon Canadians are still the most numerous, but we are a large minority now among other minorities. And we feel threatened. We talk about immigrants taking our jobs and social services (they can’t take both!) and make comments about how our communities no longer “look the same”. Safety in numbers.
I love that I now live in a city where I encounter so many different cultures. I have grown in my understanding and affection for this world of people. I feel sorry for Pharoah.

Day 16: Exodus 1-2

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