these will be an enduring memorial

This will be a symbol among you. In the future your children may ask, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ Then you will tell them that the water of the Jordan was cut off before the LORD’s covenant chest. When it crossed over the Jordan, the water of the Jordan was cut off. These stones will be an enduring memorial for the Israelites.” (Joshua 4:6-7 CEB)

This week I participated in a history timeline exercise. One of our learnings was that, with the advancement of technology, things come and go so fast. MySpace was fundamental in how we each use social media. Do we even talk about it anymore?

If things are moving so fast and so fleeting, what do we memorialize? I read today about a movement to save a house that is 80 years old. Not even a heritage home yet. Will my row of suburban townhouses be memorialized 80 years from now?

Joshua was able to look at a moment and say, “Our children will ask us about this”. What will our children ask about? I am a technology hog, but I hope we have more stories to tell than that.

Day 24: Joshua 3-4

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