her family still lives among israel

Joshua let Rahab the prostitute live, her family, and everyone related to her. So her family still lives among Israel today, because she hid the spies whom Joshua had sent to scout out Jericho. (Joshua 6:25 CEB)

Every time I meet a boy named Joshua, I tell him the story of the falling of Jericho. They need to hear that God honours their noise and antics.

Rahab, a prostitute, is named in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew as an ancestor of David. She reminds me that the tribes of Israel were not as exclusive as I have often believed. There was always room for the stranger. The prophets were always able to recognize the messengers from God, even those who were the least likely, like a prostitute.

Can I so easily know the voice of God, or do I see the surface? A friend with macular degeneration told me that we only ever see about 25% of a person, and that 75% is from memory. Perhaps prophets are those who see more than the 25%, so can see the work of God from those we think are least likely.

Day 25: Joshua 5:13-15; Joshua 6

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