the donkeys

“He reassured us that the donkeys had been found,” Saul answered. But Saul didn’t tell his uncle what Samuel had said about the kingship. (1 Samuel 10:16 CEB)

So it goes that Saul was sent by his father to look for lost donkeys. When Saul and his servant are at the last of their food and their strength, the servant suggests they seek out Samuel who, as it turns out, is looking for the one God has chosen as king over Israel. They find Samuel, who reveals God’s plan, but not before assuring Saul that his donkeys have been found.

In this incredible, grand story of seeking, finding and anointing, these donkeys keep coming up. You’ve been appointed king over Israel and you are still thinking about donkeys?? Don’t you see this whole journey is about far more than donkeys?

I actually love this because it says some really cool things about God. First, nothing is too small. Lilies of the field, sparrows, hairs on your head (Mat 6.25-34; Luke 12.22-30). God knows and sees them all. It is also fun to see Saul being anxious in this innocent and naive way, considering who he will become. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be king, but my dad is going to freak if I don’t bring back those donkeys. Oh, the patience of God. No wonder Samuel loved this kid.

What I hear in this today is that God is present in the small as well as the great. We can obsess about details trusting that God is in the bigger vision, but do we see God in the details as well? Do we trust that God is taking care of things alongside of us so the bigger mission can be made full? Would we worry less about getting every little thing right if we trusted that God is working in all things? Could we see the forest and the trees if we just stopped worrying?

Day 29: 1 Samuel 8-10

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