the morning after election 2012

David was frightened by the LORD that day. “How will I ever bring the LORD’s chest to me?” he asked. (2 Samuel 6:9 CEB)

Still trying to recover my sleep patterns after the death of my father and my mother’s illness, I didn’t stay up to see the President of the United States declared. However, I love the coincidence (and yes, I actually DO believe in coincidence), of entering back into this reading plan today reading about the crowning of David and the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Israel.

This chapters show the extremes of leadership. From the absolute glory of victory to the utter fear and trembling of the consequences of defeat. The weight on our political leaders is immense. Sure, there are perks, especially to being leader of the free world, but those are small compared to the burden of the legacy they are forming.

Whoever my leaders are, whether I agree with them or not, I have always tried to show them respect. Our leaders sacrifice a great deal of their lives as do their families. Their words and actions deserve due consideration. They have the responsibility to respond to criticism of their political actions, and the right not to have their personalities attacked.

So, as David reminds me of the burdens of leadership, I am very thankful for all the women and men who offer themselves to represent us in our governments. They will do great things we will never hear about and make horrible mistakes I hope we can critique, correct and then forgive.

I hope our leaders do not always follow David’s example, but I hope they receive encouragement from his story. The LORD makes a great promise to David and, I think to all leaders, that God will never take away God’s “faithful love” from David or his descendants (2 Samuel 7:15).

To all the candidates, may you sleep in this morning! And God bless you in your vocation. Thanks be to God.

A prayer for the nation by Jana Nardella

2 Samuel 5, 6, 7

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