the redemption of boys

Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba. He went to her and had sex with her. She gave birth to a son and named him Solomon.  The  Lord  loved him  and sent word by the prophet Nathan to name him Jedidiah  because of the  Lord’s grace. (2 Samuel 12:24-25 CEB)

Redemption has nothing to do with whether you go to heaven or hell. THIS is redemption. A murder, an adulterous relationship, leading to the birth of a wise king, leading to the birth of our Savour.

There is nothing or no one that God’s love can not redeem. The path to redemption is in repenting and turning to the grace of God.

If God can redeem David, God can redeem the boys who were found guilty in Steubenville, and the kids who abused and raped Rehteah Parsons. They won’t be redeemed by us minimizing their heinous acts, but through repentance.

David was lucky. He didn’t lose his crown. But he lost two sons. These boys may lose opportunities in life. But they didn’t lose their lives.

Redemption is a brutal path. But the opposite direction is far worse.

2 Samuel 11, 12:1-25

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