From A Pilgrim in Narnia: Truth Claims ≠ Violence

The past several months have been…distracting…and so my work on non-violence in the church has been stalled. I am looking forward to posting soon, but, in the meantime, here is a post by my cuz, Brenton Dickieson, on absolute truth and violence, although this post would object to that particular phrasing, I expect.

I take this one step further and add this: it is an absolute truth that we are all capable of violence, and if we do not resist the violence in ourselves, then we will seek a way to commit it, and truth claims can become a justification, but are not the cause of violence. We are.

A Pilgrim in Narnia

Truth be told, I am a false positive extrovert. At least at parties. Even when I know the people and place pretty well, I have great anxiety at breaking into conversation circles. But this was a faculty event, a room full of smart people with interesting stories. I took up courage in both hand and slid into a group.

I was immediately pointed out as the “religion” guy. Someone was working on a public health project, and was missing the religion element. I thought it was pretty bright of her to target faith perspective as a step in the process. As we were talking about how people live as religious people in the world today, another one of the profs piped in:

“There’s really no such thing as truth,” she said.

“That there is a truth claim,” I responded. She took the beat that I didn’t miss and thought about…

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