Don’t decline your vote. Just…don’t.

ImageWhat an insult to those who travel hundreds of miles and face violence to vote when their only choice is who is the least corrupt. What an abuse of privilege.

Get out and vote. Read the platforms. No party will give you exactly what you want, but if you don’t vote then the whole agenda is only directed by those on the extremes. 

Don’t baulk at the possibility of returning to the polling station in a few months time. It’s how a divided province works out its differences.

So vote.

How about looking at the platforms of the lesser known parties? Give them a boost, at least to give them a pat on the back to say, “Good for you for not just sitting back and waiting for the big 3 to come up with a platform that suits you.”

In fact, take a note from those lesser known parties. If the current parties are truly not presenting the best platform to help the people of Ontario, then get involved. Either join a party and become a voting member where you can affect change from within, or boost a smaller party, or join with others and start your own political group.

Or, how about asking someone who can’t vote, a landed immigrant for example, or a politically engaged teenager, who they would vote for and give them your vote.

So that’s your choice, as far as I am concerned. Vote or run for office. There is no decline.


What think ye?

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