#GS2010 Day 5: Discussion of the Day

Monday was a day greatly anticipated, whether with excitement or fear depends on the delegate.

Last week the Herald informed me that I would be debating same sex blessings. That’s not quite accurate…yet. We have been meeting most mornings with a galley group, a group of 6-10 people from across the orders and the country to do Bible study and have conversations. Three galley groups come together to form a discussion group and, on Monday, we had our first one. We were asked one question: What do you hope to see come out of this General Synod in regards to same sex blessings?

Respecting the confidentiality of our group, I will only say I was moved by the honesty, frankness yet overpowering spirit of respect and love that was in our group. On Tuesday a report was released compiling all of our conversations and presented back to General Synod.

In the meantime, I learned Monday evening that while the General Secretary of the Anglican Communion spoke to us and said he would not interfere in our processes, he has told the communion (through the press…nice!) that members of the Episcopal Church have been removed from key Communion committees and a letter has been sent to our House of Bishops asking if we have done anything that would warrant a similar response.

In an earlier post I expressed my mistrust of some Instruments of Communion up until this point. This has not helped. However, through my discussion and galley groups, my trust of my fellow Canadian Anglicans has increased immensely.

Discussion groups . The conversations are everywhere!