God will give a favourable response

Joseph answered Pharaoh, “It’s not me. God will give Pharaoh a favorable response.” (Genesis 41:16 CEB)

During this “Great Emergence” as Phyllis Tickle calls it, the church is going through enormous change and, it seems, no one really has the answer as to what the church will look like. However, we do have a few “interpreters” or prophets who are telling us some truth. We are being forced to become a much leaner structure. Our understanding of community, and therefore worship, is changing dramatically, especially with social media.

Joseph’s interpretations were not all good news, but they were true. They gave the dreamer time and space to prepare for what would happen next or, at the very least, to know that something was coming.

We do not know what is coming, but we know things are changing quickly. Are we ready to listen to the interpreters? Are we open to the possibility that God will carry us through whatever this is?

Another thought

Now wait just a second now (as my Dad would say). I thought putting the grain away was wise and generous, until I read the end of chapter 41. So, Joseph took 20% of all the produce from everyone, and then SOLD it back to them?! During a famine? Great for the state, Terrible for the Egyptians!

Day 12: Genesis 39-41

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i had a dream

5 Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers, which made them hate him even more. (Genesis 37:5 CEB)

As I read about Joseph, I am thinking of that famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr. Joseph’s dream, like King’s dream, threatened people. And I am wondering why.

Why couldn’t Joseph’s brothers just dismiss those dreams as the taunting of their annoying little brother? If blacks and whites really were naturally meant to be separate, why couldn’t the racists just leave King alone?

We are threatened by what we know is, or could be, true. If we are afraid, and we hear a dream, we will resist the possibilities and only dwell on the threats to our own status or comfort should this dream come true. But if we encounter these dreams with an open heart, who knows where God will take us.

How easy to forget that great things start with a dream.

And let’s not let this time with Joseph go by without a little Donnie Osmond.

Day 11: Genesis 37

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