In response to "Cops want access to medical records…"

In response to “Cops want access to medical records in cases of possible exposure to HIV

Since returning from India where I provided HIV/AIDS training and education to caregivers, I have been increasingly dismayed at the complete lack of knowledge exhibited by prominent groups of Canadian society in regards to this subject. The behaviour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and members of the CFL this past summer is particularly embarrassing. Now, the B.C. Federation of Police Officers wishes to invade the privacy of Canadians by gaining access to medical records of a specific part of the population, for fear of contracting HIV and other blood-borne diseases.

The message is simple. If you feel you are at risk, you should seek medical attention and request an HIV test. We learned this 20 years ago. How soon we forget when it comes to things that make us uncomfortable. There is no need to single out members of our society who already battle with unwarranted stigma.

Published in the Sunday Herald, March 5, 2006