Good Friday

It has been quite a month. I have completed an enormous part of my life thus far, and am looking straight ahead at ordination. I have also completed my graduate work, and am looking forward to convocation. More on all this in the days to come, as I actually start to post some things to this blog.

This Easter weekend marks the end of my time at Christ Church Dartmouth. I knew the time was coming quickly to say goodbye, but I think I only started saying goodbye last night. During our Maundy Thursday service, as we prepared for the foot washing, I realised that this would be the last Maundy Thursday service I would attend as a lay person, and that next year the roles will be reversed, and I will be doing the washing. And to have a woman who has journeyed with me and, sometimes, in spite of me, for the better part of seven years, wash my feet was very powerful. I’ll tell you later about the clergy shirts!

I will add more in the coming days. May you find the hope you seek in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.